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How to Manually Sync Your Audio in Premiere Pro

Syncing your externally recorded audio to your video could be tricky. In this great video tutorial, I will demonstrate how you can easily sync your audio to your footage in Premiere Pro, although the principles apply to any editing software. No need for expensive programs, just your favorite NLE and great audio.

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How to Use PluralEyes to Sync Your DSLR Footage

In this awesome tutorial I’m going to show you the best way to use Singular Software’s PluralEyes to sync your DSLR footage with your externally recorded audio files. Raw, unedited and totally heart-tugging educational content here, folks!

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The Best Shotlist Template

Today I present you with a tutorial where I show you an easy way to create a shotlist template for your films with amazing collaboration capabilities on Google Docs. I have looked around the internet for ages to find a suitable shotlist template for my needs. Eventually, I gave up and decided to create my own. I used Google Documents because it allowed for great collaboration capabilities with my Director of Photography and First Assistant Director.

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